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AL Memorial Rifle Squad

The Memorial Squad is looking for dedicated volunteers willing to participate in providing Honors for veterans being interred in Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.  The volunteer must be willing to integrate into an existing rifle team, acting as a team.

Must be able to volunteer for a minimum of 26 days in a year.

Must participate in a 4-8 week Training program, held on Tuesday morning (8:00A to Noon).

Duties include but not limited to:

  • Participate in rifle squad, include following the necessary rifle commands (Manual Arms)
  • Disassemble, clean, reassemble and safety/firing of a M1 Garand rifle
  • Proper flag folding and presentation
  • Comply with the orders and directives of the Memorial Squad Commander and Squad Leaders
  • Comply with all cemetery rules and regulations

Physical considerations:

  • Must be able to participate in up to 12 services daily, including walking to and from the committal shelters.  Some minimal marching is required
  • Must be able to carry the M1 throughout the approx. 20 Minute service
  • Services are held throughout the year (summer and winter) even in extreme heat and cold.

One Day Opportunities

Just looking to volunteer for one day? There are many opportunities from helping put up wreaths or flags on gravesites or helping with clean up. Click the button below to learn more about one day volunteer opportunities.